Field Types

Since Spot v2.x is built on top of DBAL, all the DBAL types are used and fully supported in Spot:

Built-In Field Types

Integer Types

  • smallint
  • integer
  • bigint

Decimal Types

  • decimal
  • float

String Types

  • string
  • text
  • guid

Binary String Types

  • binary
  • blob

Boolean/Bit Types

  • boolean

Date and Time Types

  • date
  • datetime
  • datetimez
  • time

Array Types

  • array - PHP serialize/deserialze
  • simple_array - PHP implode/explode
  • json_array - json_encode/json_decode

Object Types

  • object - PHP serialize/deserialze

Further Reading

Please read the Doctrine DBAL Types Reference Page thoroughly for more information and types and cross-database support. Some types may be stored differently on different databases, depending on database vendor support and other factors.

Registering Custom Field Types

If you want to register your own custom field type with custom functionality on get/set, have a look at the Custom Mapping Types on the DBAL reference page.

Since Spot uses the DBAL internally, there are no additional changes you have to make for your custom type to work with Spot.