Database Setup

The Spot\Locator object is the main point of access to spot that you will have to be able to access from everywhere you need to run queries or work with your entities. It is responsible for loading mappers and manging configuration. To create a Locator, you will need a Spot\Config object.

The Spot\Config object stores and references database connections by name. Create a new instance of Spot\Config and add database connections with DSN strings so Spot can establish a database connection, then create your locator object:

Creating a Config Object

$cfg = new \Spot\Config();
// MySQL
$cfg->addConnection('mysql', 'mysql://user:password@localhost/database_name');
// Sqlite
$cfg->addConnection('sqlite', 'sqlite://path/to/database.sqlite');
$spot = new \Spot\Locator($cfg);

You can also use DBAL-compatible configuration arrays instead of DSN strings if you prefer:

$cfg->addConnection('mysql', [
'dbname' => 'mydb',
'user' => 'user',
'password' => 'secret',
'host' => 'localhost',
'driver' => 'pdo_mysql',